Cara Mengatasi Blogger Galat

Aktivitas blogger sempat terhenti lantaran aku mengakses Yap, tulisan aneh bx-g...bla...bla.... membuatku bertanya2 ??? "Ah, mungkin blogger sedang maintenance... :D" Perkataan itu membuatku bisa bernafas lega (setidaknya untuk sementara :D).

Sepulang sekolah, pikiranku bahwa hari itu blogger mungkin sudah kembali seperti semula. Ternyata eh ternyata berjudi itu haram blogger masih tetap saja menampilkan huruf & angka yang aneh2. Huft....(menarik nafas dalam2)....Aha..(muncul ide). "Kenapa nggak tanya si Mbah ya :D"

Akhirnya kuputuskan hari itu untuk mencari tahu penyebab kerewelan blogger. Akhirnya setelah menemukan salah satu post (cari di google gan :D) ternyata hal itu bukan perkara sulit.

Langsung saja tanpa curhat2an lagi kita liat cara mengatasi blogger galat  :

1. Masuk ke
2. Pada tulisan "Make blogger in Draft my default" perhatikan pada kolom bahasa
3. Sekarang kita rubah bahasa menjadi English
4. Setelah selesai blogger akan reload otomatis (menyimpan settingan)
5. Sekarang coba kembali ke
6. Taraa !......blogger pun sudah dapat diakses kembali (setidaknya dengan bahasa inggris)
7. Silahkan deh post apa aje yang selama ini kependam setelah galatnya si blogger :D

Ya mungkin hanya itu saja tips singkat mengenai Cara Mengatasi Blogger Galat semoga artikel ini benar2 membantu sobat disana yang merasa terganggu akan pesan2 galat diblogger :D
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Business Success

Most of us are aware of the big things that might make a difference in business success. Things like being in the right location, having an adequate advertising budget, and selling a product that people think they need are all good things. However, there are smaller things that some people overlook that can mean the end of a really profitable business. This was something I watched with my very own eyes quite a few years ago.

I worked in a small convenience store that had moderate business success for a few years. It was in a great location, and they got local and well as through-traffic business. I was new to the area, but knew some people that worked there. I was offered a job and thought it might be okay for a while as it was close enough to walk and I wasn’t having much luck anywhere else at the time. It seemed like a decent job that wouldn’t be too hard to handle. What I wasn’t ready for was something that I had never dealt with before in a boss. My new boss was not afraid to speak his mind, even when it offended.

What I soon learned was that even though most know the keys to business success, the guy that owned this business did not. As his employees, we learned to ignore his outbursts, but the customers did not or could not. He was not afraid to banter with each customer and give his unbiased and unorthodox opinions. When he upset or offended them, he made no apology and didn’t care. He would often chase them out the door still ranting at them. Surely, this could not be good for business success. He seemed to be the only one that didn’t see that.

He closed down a year later, due to lack of business. A new store moved in and has done quite well in the same spot with the same stuff for close to ten years. The only difference was him. He knew nothing about business success, and perhaps that ones opinions are better left out of business. This man had alienated half of the population in the area, and wondered why his business was on the decline. Other businesses in the area boycotted him. Anyone who wants to own a business can learn from this example. You can have all the right things, but you have to know how to please the customer, even if sometimes this means keeping your ideas to yourself.
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Lower Car Insurance for Young Driver Policy Rates

One of the reasons so many kids are anxious to become teenagers is they know they’ll be old enough to drive. It’s a thrill to get your driver’s license and it’s an even more exciting to hit the road on your own for the very first time. Few parents are ecstatic with the prospect of their son or daughter getting behind the wheel of a car alone. The number one reason parents dread it is because of the cost of auto insurance for a new driver. If you are searching for a car insurance for young driver policy you’re going to want to do some research before making a final decision.

The main reason it costs so much to insure a teenager to operate a motor vehicle is because of their lack of experience. They just don’t have the proof to offer that says that they are indeed a responsible driver. One way parents can help lower the premium for motor insurance for the new driver in their home is to send their child to a driver’s training course. Typically these courses consist of lessons both in and out of the vehicle. The child will be required to spend some time in a classroom setting learning the basic rules of the road, and then they’ll be given some hands-on training with an instructor. Once the child completes the course they will be eligible for a discount on their insurance costs.

Most kids want their own car as soon as they receive their driver’s license. Although they view this as the ideal situation, monetarily it isn’t. Your car insurance for young driver rate is going to be more if the child is the main driver on a car. If you place them on as an occasional operator on your car, the rate plummets. This also helps to build the child’s driving record so that when they do decide to purchase a vehicle of their own in the future, they’ll likely enjoy a lower rate.

Some insurance companies offer incentives for good students. If your child is a high school or college student and they are earning good grades, mention this when shopping for insurance. Although this won’t lower the car insurance for young driver rates by much, every little bit does help and it also motivates the child to do well in school.

It goes without saying that anyone can pay less for premiums if they obey all the rules of the road and try and avoid collisions. Some car insurance companies will allow you to have one speeding ticket or a small accident claim before they raise your rates, but not all do. Therefore it’s really important for your child to understand that they need to always be fully aware of what they’re doing when they are driving. The rates for car insurance for young drivers who have been issued many tickets or those who have caused several small accidents are incredibly high. You don’t want to see that happen to your youngster so ensure they understand that driving is serious business.
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