Ocean Salty | Why Is The Ocean Salty?

Ocean Salty | Why Is The Ocean Salty?, Why is The Ocean Salty? Snooki Not really know, But She Is Not Explained why she the great body of water on this weeks edition of MTV's like Jersey Shore. That's right - the most popular reality show on TV can be educational. Nou, maybe it can be educational.

Snooki apparently let a boyfriend named Jeff who ever wanted a dip in the ocean. However, the real star tonight is the Snook Informed Audience (with Jeff) That "I f --- in 'hate the ocean. Too many sperm whale. Everyone Google, Because That is the reason why the water is salt. F - - in 'sperm whale. "

That's right. Biology under the Jersey Shore - the ocean is Salty Because sperm whale. Unfortunately, it Seems as credible as she WAS, WAS Snooki wrong about the reason for the Salty ocean. Yes. Not just can you believe everything you see and hear on TV.

The ocean is Salty Because the salt in the ocean comes from rocks on land. In FACT, When the ocean salt WAS Throughout the country, would also form a layer That Nearly 500 meters deep. That's a bit scary, but not as scary as the sperm whale.

See your Jersey Shore on MTV Every Thursday at 9 pm on Cox Channel 30 in Oklahoma City. The show is certainly a Mainstay for many young Oklahoman. What Were your favorite moments from tonight's episode (Other Than the interesting theory about why the ocean salt)?